Insoles and
foot comfort

Shoe and boot trees,
and other accessories

Everything for elegance,
prestige and care

Classical shoe comfort

Full strength throughout
the range of shoe accessories

Professional foot care
for experts and users

Leather dyes and
shoemaker accessories

A whole world of
shoes and shoe care

The brand for comfort
and fun accessories

High performance products
for best sports performance


Shoe accessories include basically any kind of product that has something to do with shoes without actually being part of the shoe – care products, insoles, footbeds, laces, shoe trees, shoehorns and the like.

We design and make most of our products at our own factories. Since establishing BNS, we have continuously been expanding on our position, leading the market in the shoe retail trade. The high quality in our accessories comes with a wide range of services for retailers, and our brands can be found in any good footwear retailer that serves customers with expertly advice.

Registered office in Mainz
Established in 1999
Employees 57, including 20 in the field
Turnover approx approx. 36 Mio. Euro
Locations in Mainz, Fellbach, Hallein b. Salzburg, Bensheim, Erfurt, Biebesheim (Logistik-Center), Schkeuditz (Ordercenter mit Show-Room) and Jaworzno near Krakau
Product divisions comprise shoe-care products (300 articles), insoles and foot comfort products (approx. 3,000 articles), and shoe trees and accessories (approx. 400 articles), leather dye and special products for shoemakers (30 articles) and foot cosmetics (16 items)

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