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The A and O of Caring: In the ABC of BNS.


Shoes are best changed every day, as shoes in particular need a pause of at least twenty-four hours.


Combo products cover a wide range of purposes and are ideal for cleaning and nourishing any material or combination of completely different materials.


Care products need to be compatible with the material they’re used on, so it’s always a good idea to check your care product on a concealed part of your shoe, ideally the heel


Deodorising and disinfecting your shoes will keep them comfy and hygienic, and your feet pleasantly fresh in the hot summer months.


We practise environmental friendliness as one of our core values. To this end, we supply solvent-free shoe polishes, spray-free impregnation products, wooden products from sustainable forest management, and a carefully selected range of raw materials for our soles, and we constantly optimise our production processes towards minimising damage to the environment while increasing compatibility.


Footbeds support your foot and relieve the muscles, tendons and ligaments, often turning shoe-wearing into a pleasant experience again.


Shoes hate direct heat sources. Never place your shoes next to a radiator to dry out or the leather will go brittle. An ideal solution would be to slip your shoe onto a shoe tree and leave it to dry at room temperature.


It’s vital to apply an impregnation products to your shoes before you first wear them, but don’t forget to repeat the protection care at regular intervals. Impregnation products come as sprays, foams or as lotions for dabbing on. Our shoe polishes also contain impregnation agents.


Not all leathers are the same; surface finishes and dyes need their own special care. Solitaire has the right care product for every upper, however fashionable or unique. 


None of the shoes in your shoe cabinet is like any other, and the same applies to selecting care products for them. Whether leather or suede, fabric or patent, greased or brushed, business or sports, sun or rain, you will find an ideal care product, shoe tree or insoles at your local specialist retailer.


Organise your shoe care products – a tatty old shoe box with an unmanageable assortment of tubes, jars and rags won’t do. Versatile, convenient and presentable shoe care boxes and sets from nico will always keep you in the picture with your shoe accessories.


Impregnation sometimes takes the shine off patent leather, so watch out for information on the product packaging. There is a whole variety of patent leather care products available for cleaning, intensive care and protection on patent leather shoes, products that will keep the patent leather shining.


Regular polishing will keep your leather shoes looking great with quality polishes from Shoeboy’s, Solitaire, Búfalo or Gabor. Click here for the right polish and colour for your fashion shoes.


Of course you can polish your shoes using an old pair of tights, but really – if your tights are no longer good enough for your legs, why use them on your shoes? Elegant and convenient brushes for removing dirt, applying polishes and creams, buffing up to a shine, roughening up suede or for fabrics are available in any number of variations from your local specialist retailer.


Quality should also play a role in your choice of shoe accessories – always ask at a good shoe specialist to make sure you are buying the right product for you, your shoes and your feet, whether you are looking for shoe care products, laces or shoe trees. You’ll find that it’s worth it


Shoe bags will protect your shoes and clothes in your luggage while you’re on the move. Note that unlike plastic bags, your shoes can “breathe” in a shoe bag.


Keeping your shoes on fitting shoe trees every time you take your shoes off relaxes your shoes and makes shoe care easier to apply.


Shoe trees and the right care products will help even out the creases in your shoes.


Any good shoe will need a new sole at some point depending on how much punishment it takes.


Suede needs special care; apart from colour restoration and impregnation sticks and sprays, you will also need to brush up your suede shoes from time to time.


TEX MEMBRANES – functional membranes, Gore-Tex, or Sympatex – the water-repellent materials in your shoe – need to remain breathable, which rules out some care products. You will need to ask a good shoe specialist retailer about this, or at least watch out for a TEX compatibility mark on the product packaging. Remember that only some insoles support TEX membrane functionality. The Bergal range includes ideal TEX-compatible products.


Cheap shoe-care products, soles or shoe trees cause unnecessary frustration over and over again. It’s always better to go to a good specialist retailer for some good solid advice before you buy, and get it right first time.


Wet stop from Solitaire is the ultimate impregnation concentrate for any type of material, and you can apply it exactly where it’s needed without spray mist – ideal for seams and soles, and indoor use.


Out on the waves, or just a jog around the park – whatever you plan to do, Solitaire or Búfalo leather and fabric whiteners will keep your sports shoes or skippers gleaming white.

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