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We should all treat our shoes the way we’d like to be treated ourselves – shoes need careful and loving treatment without overtaxing, and they should be worn as intended for that type of shoe to protect them from dirt and damage.

It’s important to match the shoe care to the shoe after a thorough clean. After that, it always pays to give them time to relax, as this will help them last longer.

It’s always a good idea to impregnate shoes before you wear them for the first time. [more]

Impregnation products protect your shoes from wetness and dirt. The best way of applying the product is sparingly and at regular intervals – always avoid soaking your shoes. Hold impregnating sprays at around a foot away from your shoe.

After impregnation, it’s wise to slip your shoes onto a shoe tree. [more]

There are shoe trees available in every standard shape of shoe and every every shoe has a shoe tree to fit it. Shoe trees come in a variety of materials – usually plastic, wood or foam – to match your requirements. Once slipped into the shoe, shoe trees smooth out creases in the upper, allow the air to circulate and absorb moisture. Shoe trees in aromatic red cedar include essential oils that act like a natural air freshener, deodorising your shoe.

Always put wet shoes onto a shoe tree to dry. [more]

Wet shoes are best left to dry at room temperature – never put them next to a radiator, as direct heat will attack the leather and cause it to age very quickly.

Shoes need a “breather” every so often. [more]

Give your shoes at least a twenty-four hour break.

Regular shoe care will keep your shoes lasting longer. [more]

Particularly high-quality leather shoes should be properly cleaned, polished and impregnated on a weekly basis. Only apply care products on clean and dry leather, and always use the right care products for your particular shoe. Every material has different needs that need to be attended to – ask a good specialist retailer for advice. Always use a shoe tree while applying care products, as this will make it much easier and protect the heel cup of your shoe.

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