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Inspired by healing techniques from the Far East, saicara was founded in 2005. The brand was initially aimed at a broader base with body and foot cosmetics alike, every product sharing the holistic approach to body and mind. 

We have never completely left this approach in our conviction that effective products – including products that solve problems – should be more than just medical, also addressing cosmetic requirements for healthy, beautiful feet.

Nowadays, saicara has a professional foot care range of formulas combining the best of skin compatibility and effectiveness. Hardly any other part of the body is subjected to as much strain and stress as the foot – for a number of reasons: constant movement or standing for long periods, often unsuitable shoes in materials that don’t allow good air circulation, and diseases such as diabetes mellitus taking their toll.

Healthy skin and healthy feet are both important to us, as reflected in: 

  • Our high-quality care products that can be matched to specific skin types, nourishing the skin without causing irritation 
  • Soles and foot comfort products that support tired feet while correcting misalignment and providing general relief. We have been developing these soles with decades of orthopaedic experience and the help of medical professionals.

Experts and users appreciate the advantages of the saicara product line as no two feet are the same.

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